There's no doubting the timeless beauty and elegance of French Oak Flooring. It's a classic style that's been around for centuries. In fact, you can still find French Oak Flooring in some of Europe's grandest castles and palaces, including the infamous Palace of Versailles. 

You don't need to live in a castle to enjoy more warmth and grandeur in your home though, because our collection of French Oak Flooring can be designed and scaled to suit small and large rooms alike. 

It's also available in a range of patterns, stains and hues, which means we can tailor our French Oak Flooring to suit any style and colour palette. 

So whether you're partial to the contemporary elegance of the classic wide-board or Hemingbone, or you'd prefer something more unique, just speak to our specialists and they'll work with you to find the perfect French Oak Flooring solution for you. 
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